BCViewer is an affordable add-on monthly subscription for your Basecamp account and it aligns with the current Basecamp subscription tiers. The table below illustrates the Basecamp subscription plan, the Basecamp price per month, and then the Basecamp Viewer monthly subscription. And just like Basecamp, one BCViewer subscription for an account covers all of your team members that use that Basecamp account. You can copy or distribute the Excel application as many times as you wish and to as many people as you wish.


You can download the Basecamp Viewer application any time, and as many times as you need. In FREE or TRIAL mode, you will be able to see all milestones for all projects, but only able to see up to three projects’ Todo Items. To fully manage and view all your projects, you should align your Basecamp Viewer subscription with your Basecamp account level. Your support is greatly appreciated and means we can continue to develop and support this product.


Amazon subscription is a secure and reliable subscription service. Within one business day of your transaction being recorded, we will activate your Basecamp Viewer selected service level and send you an activation notice email.

BCViewer $4 per month BASIC plan (15 project limit)

BCViewer $9 per month PLUS plan (35 project limit)

BCViewer $15 per month PREMIUM plan (100 Projects)

BCViewer $20 per month MAX plan (Unlimited Projects)


If you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan, choose the new level plan you wish above, continue with signup and then have your administrator (account owner who originally setup the account) email support @ and request cancellation of the original plan.