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This download shows all your projects and milestones on the classic 6 month at-a-glance wallchart. It also shows TodoItems, interactively updates completed status and due dates, for your first three active projects. Fill in the form, and you’ll be presented with the download link.

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This download will run free of charge showing all milestone information on the visual summary for all projects, and it will show Todo Items for your first three projects. When you do sign up for a subscription plan, the same spreadsheet will be enabled for your plan level – there’s no new download required. The subscription version offers access to update milestone deadlines, milestone complete/incomplete status, Todo Items on all your projects and features to update due dates and Todo Item complete/incomplete status. You can also review all your Todo Items across all projects on a single sheet, still laid out on the simple 6 month wallchart at-a-glance calendar.