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Coming Soon! BCViewer for the New Basecamp

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Work is under way to make BCViewer work with the Classic Basecamp ( and the new Basecamp interface (


Stay tuned for more news!



Build 029 Available

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This build fixes one issue:-

Build 028 had an issue with View All Milestones feature. under certain circumstances, it would not display the completion status of milestones that were already completed.

You can download build 29 from here.



Build 028 available

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This build fixes two issues:-

Build 027 introduced the View All Milestones feature to place all milestones, all projects, one per row in an Excel table.  Under certain circumstances, BCViewer would fail to paint in the diamonds for milestones in the last two weeks of the six-month calendar.  this is now corrected.

For projects that have no milestones at all, BCViewer posted a ‘placeholder’ line for the project with a description / title of “Null BCViewer Milestone” which was somewhat confusing.  This title is now set to “This Project has no milestones” with a milestone ‘date’ of 12/31/2099 to ensure it would never be placed on the calendar.

You can download build 28 from here.



Build 27 available

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This build fixes two issues

Recently (June 2011) 37signals changed the way that milestone dates are managed, including adding a milestone time feature.  If the time was set on a milestone, it would crash BCViewer.

Certain XML field values could contain ampersand characters embedded in the data.  BCViewer web services are PHP based, and Simple_XML_Load() would fail to handle this correctly. Code has been introduced to handle this exception.

This release also includes the “View All Milestones” feature, which shows all milestones for all projects on a single wallchart sheet, allowing direct editing of dates, and of completion status.

You can download build 27 from here.