Basecamp Viewer was designed and developed by me Paul Irvine, founder and president of pCapacity LLC. As a fan of Basecamp and with an agile philosophy on what it takes to get technology projects ‘done’, I was continually frustrated with not being able to quickly see where all the milestones were for multiple projects being tracked in my busy engineering departments. As an experienced consultant, software developer, and veteran Engineering Vice President, I have been through just about every project management answer-to-your-prayers that is out there. They require too much work and effort to implement, manage and administer. Especially if you are a fast moving organization.

Basecamp isn’t a great planning tool, but it’s a great execution tool for getting things done. All I needed on top of that was a way to visualize all the projects in the portfolio, with simple red/yellow/green status, and see where all the milestones were occurring. Is that too much to ask? It would seem I’m a radical. So I set out to build my own visual interpretation of Basecamp.

The beta release was strictly a view-only tool, to see where milestones are, and what the overall projects status were. It’s still very useful, and as I promised hundreds of downloads ago, it would remain free.

I’m really pleased with the new expanded features of the current edition though. It’s available for download, and will also run for free for all your milestone viewing needs, and let you edit and update for your first three projects. And it’s very affordable for all the normal Basecamp account levels if you need more than that. I hope you like it and look forward to hearing from you about this product. We’ll keep adding to it as long as you have a need for it.

Big Thanks

Paul Irvine