Coming Soon! BCViewer for the New Basecamp

Work is under way to make BCViewer work with the Classic Basecamp ( and the new Basecamp interface (


Stay tuned for more news!



  1. Update ur code says:

    It sucks that this app:

    - Doesn’t work with latest product
    - And that this fact is not clearly stated

    • bcvcontrol says:

      Hi – yes, the site has been updated to reflect this. We had been working on a new version to support the new basecamp, but so much has changed that it does not make much sense to do that anymore. Basecamp Next no longer has milestones, and the concepts of due dates on todo items changed significantly too. Perhaps there still is a need for todo visualization, but we have decided at this time that we will not be supporting Basecamp Next. We will continue to support Basecamp Classic.
      Kind regards

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