See all your projects at a glance!

Basecamp Classic like you’ve never seen it before

RYG Diamonds GraphicOnce you’ve planned your project out, there’s no doubt that Basecamp is the right tool for managing the milestones and task lists that need to be done to ensure success. The only thing missing is an easy way to visualize ‘at a glance’ where your multiple projects and assignments are at!

BCViewer solves that! This service works in conjunction with your basecamp account to present all the milestones in all your projects in a simple wallchart! Now everyone can view all their projects and get a sense of the overall status of the projects.

You can drill down to see all Project Todo Items, see all your assigned Todo Items across all projects, set completion status and update due dates! All from the same at-a-glance six month rolling wallchart view.

Click here for a brief online demonstration.

You will wonder how you lived without it!